My company van is equipped with a state of the art, self-contained cleaning unit manufactured by HydraMaster. This is a true "Truck Mounted Unit." One that actually runs off the vans engine via a clutch and drive shaft. Not one that slides into the back of a van and runs off a lawn mower type engine. This truck mounted system provides deep cleaning with maximum extraction resulting in a quick drying time and a thoroughly clean product. The water is heated to a steamy 235 degrees, providing the temperature to loosen and suspend most soils and stains. I bring my own soft water with me and extract 90% to 95% of the water back out to my van. No water is used from your home or business, and nothing is ran through a hose back to your sink or drain.



Hot water extraction is the cleaning method I use on carpet. Some people call it "steam cleaning" because what you commonly see is steam coming from the cleaning wand. This is the method recommended by most major carpet manufacturers, with good reason. It's proven that this type of cleaning done correctly on a regular basis WILL extend the life of your carpet! In some cases, two to three times the average live of a carpet. This method will revitalize the fibers and leaves little to no residue.


I can provide three different cleaning methods for your upholstery.

1. Hot Water Extraction or steam cleaning. A very similar process as with carpet, only using much smaller equipment.

2. Dry Shampoo. This is a method of applying a shampoo foam to the fabric and then extracting with the cleaning units vacuum.

3. Dry Cleaning. The same procedure as with shampoo, but a dry cleaning solvent is applied to the fabric.

I would need to see the upholstery to determine which method would be the best and safest for your fabric. The charge is the same for all three types of cleaning.

"Green" cleaning agents are available and used on a regular basis when applicable.

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